Cylinder caps retopology tips

Cylinder cap retopology scheme for hexagon (6 edges), octagon (8 edges) and decagon (10 edges)
Cylinder cap retopology scheme for dodecagon (12 edges), tetradecagon (14 edges) and hexadecagon (16 edges).

The retopology can help to simplify the high poly mesh and avoid a huge amount of extra polygons. In this guide, you can see two pictures with different types of cylinder caps topology.

The first picture includes topology schemes for:
  1. Hexagon – 6 edges;
  2. Octagon – 8 edges;
  3. Decagon – 10 edges;
The second one for:
  1. Dodecagon – 12 edges;
  2. Tetradecagon – 14 edges;
  3. Hexadecagon – 16 edges.

These tips will help you to make the cap topology clean with no triangles.

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