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CGTyphoon (“CGTyphoon” or “we”) uses cookies on its website. A cookie is a small piece of information that is stored in a cookie file in your computer’s hard drive when you visit our website. The cookies are categorized as persistent cookies and as session cookies.

Persistent cookies remain permanently on the cookie file of your computer and allow us to provide user preferences for future visits to the website. We use persistent cookies to provide language preferences so that when you return to our website it adapts to the language you have used.

Persistent cookies are also used to synchronize data of the user with WordPress pages and for showing you the information box about using cookies on our website. Session cookies are erased after the user has closed the website and the web browser. Session cookies allow us to remember your selections on our website temporarily and are used for carrying out transactions.

Cookies enable us to customize the website for your better user experience. While using our website, you are considered to consent to the usage of cookies unless your web browser is adjusted not to accept cookies. You can always decide on whether you want your web browser to accept cookies.

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