Vertices, edges and faces of 3D object

Before getting down to the properties of a 3D object let’s clear up what is a 3D object.

3D object is a polygonal mesh created of single polygons connected between each other.

The image shows a primitive 3D object – a cube.

Each mesh consists of vertices, edges, and polygons (faces). Let’s have a look at each of these definitions.

Vertex – is a point located in 3D space. Vertices connect the edges of the model. For example, the cube has 8 vertices.

Edge – is a line between two vertices and connects two faces. The cube has 12 edges.

Face or polygon – is a surface created between the edges. Connected polygons are called polygonal mesh. Usually, the polygon has four edges and vertices. For example, the model of cube created from 6 polygons.

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