How to divide a circle into any sided polygon by degree

As we know, the total degrees of the circle is 360°.  So the simplest way to find a right angle is to divide the full circle angle (360°) into the count of polygon sides.

For example: to get the octagon divide 360° by 8 sides, and we will get 45°. So you need to distribute the points with a 45° step from the central point.

Calculation the octagon angle

Also, it can be useful when you need to evenly distribute the objects around the central point with equal distance from each other.

So you can create the polygon and use it as a guide to snap the objects to points or rotate the objects by a certain angle using the same central point.

This way you can easily create different types of propellers, flower petals, architecture columns, windows in the cylindrical tower, etc.

Propeller, flower, and columns (mobile)

The table and image below will help you do without calculation. Because they contain the most popular polygon shapes, their names, number of edges, and the angle degree.

Name of the shape Edges Angle
Triangle 3 120°
Square 4  90°
Pentagon 5 72°
Hexagon 6 60°
Heptagon 7 51.43°
Octagon 8 45°
Nonagon 9 40°
Decagon 10 36°
Dodecagon 12 30°
Pentadecagon 15 24°
Octadecagon 18 20°
Icosagon 20 18°


The circles divided into regular polygons by degrees (desktop)

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