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Topology tips

Topology is a structure of the polygonal mesh that forms the basis of a 3D model. Although topology is not visible in the final render or visualization, it plays a crucial role in determining the quality and performance of the model. Creating a correct and clean topology can improve the model’s shading, reduce load on a game engine, and allow to deformate and animate the model.

Here you can find useful technicks and tricks to make the topology
correct and clean.

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Rigging guides

Rigging is the process of creating a “skeleton” for the model, which serves as the underlying structure for movement and animation. This skeleton is made up of interconnected bones or joints that mimic the movement of a real-life object or character. Rigging is an essential step in the 3D modeling process, as it allows for further animation of a model.

Take a look at our guides to make the process easier and faster.

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Fundamental knowledge

Learning the basic principles of 3D modeling, geometry, and anatomy is essential for any 3D artist or designer looking to elevate their skills.

These fundamental concepts provide a strong foundation for building more advanced skills and techniques.

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3D modeling is a valuable skill in today’s world, and there are many software available to master it. In this section, we will introduce you to the programs needed by any 3D artist.

Here, you will find tutorials, useful tricks, and recommendations on how to use the software.

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Let’s talk about software


3D animation is a versatile medium that can be used for a wide range of applications, including cinema, video games, advertising, and virtual reality experiences. With the help of specialized software tools, animators can create lifelike characters and environments, bringing their ideas to life and delivering immersive experiences to their audiences.

Learning the basics of 3D animation by following our tutorials and studying the principles of animation, you can hone your skills to the next level.

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Learn the animation basics


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